Our methods
Recombinant protein production
We express proteins in e. coli, insect cells and eukaryotic cells, either small fragments for crystallisation or full-length for biochemical studies. We have a full set of ÅKTA FPLC and chromatographic columns for purification.
Biochemical characterization
We reconstitute multiprotein complexes from purified components, characterize their stoichiometry by Static-Light-Scattering, and the subunits' affinity by ITC and Fluorescence Polarization.
Structural analyses
To determine the architecture of protein complexes, we use high-resolution x-ray crystallography, complemented with SAXS analyses. When needed, we also employ cryo-Electron Microscopy techinques collaboratively.

Cell and stem cell biology
We explore the functional implications of our molecular models in living cells by imaging of mitotic events and analyses of proliferation rates. Our model systems include HeLa cells, Caco-2 cells grown in 3D cysts, mammospheres and intestinal organoids.

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